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Commercial Fire Safety and Prevention Tips

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

fire damage in a commercial space Hiring a professional company with experience is the only way to get past the damage that can be done by fire in a commercial space.

A fire can quickly become a horrific event that destroys property, endangers lives, and leaves the occupants with limited resources to rebuild. But fires in commercial spaces can also be a costly business interruption. Fortunately, there are steps that companies can take to reduce the possibility of fire in their space while maintaining productivity and avoiding potential legal liabilities.

Tips for Fire Safety and Prevention in a Commercial Property

A comprehensive fire prevention plan for an office or retail space includes a range of steps, from providing adequate smoking areas and removing combustible items from the premise to testing alarms and forming an evacuation plan. Some states mandate that companies with a certain number of employees have a business fire safety plan. Here are five additional tips for ensuring safety by preventing fires in commercial spaces:

1. Designate an area outside that space for smokers to use. Many fires start through smoking materials or careless disposal of smoking materials. Designate a smoking area away from the building and any flammable material, with adequate drainage to protect the soil from cigarette butts and ashes. Choose an area that is covered to keep people dry in the case of rain or snow.

2. Consider using fire-resistant tape on floors, carpets, and drapes, especially in high-traffic areas. It is inexpensive and may prevent the rapid spread of fire. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper use.

3. Keep matches and lighters out of children’s reach and in a locked drawer. Children have many chances to experiment with fire during their childhood years—either on purpose or unintentionally. The result of a child playing with fire could be an awful tragedy.

4. Install smoke detectors in all commercial spaces, particularly near sleeping areas or areas where paper is burned. Smoke detectors will be your first warning in case of fire, so the fire doesn’t get the upper hand.

5. Keep a fire extinguisher handy. An ABC-rated (A-B-C) fire extinguisher near common areas can offer a better chance of rapid containment of a small fire before it gets out of hand. Fire extinguishers should be regularly tested and maintained to ensure they are ready to use if needed.

Avoiding fire hazards in a commercial space is not difficult but does require some effort. These simple steps can help keep you and your employees safe and protect your investment against the risks of fire. And when the proper measures are taken to prevent fires, occupants can focus on their work instead of worrying about a potentially life-threatening event.
Fire safety is a responsibility that falls to all parties involved in managing a commercial space—from the owners to the manager and staff to any visitors. By following these simple steps, building occupants can have peace of mind knowing that they are doing their part in fire prevention.

Fires can be devastating, and the victims of such tragedies are usually left with limited resources to rebuild. Those in charge of the property must know how to create an effective fire safety plan for their commercial spaces and follow their plan. But even if you follow your plan meticulously, you may still face costly consequences. When a fire takes place, it’s essential to know what happened so you can gather evidence that can help win your case.

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